Issue Number 8

February 2009

  • Che's revolution lives in Cuba & Venezuela
  • Palestine: Why Israel commits war crimes

Issue Number 7

December 2008

  • Are we headed for another Great Depression?
  • Venezuela: Majority votes for socialism

Issue Number 6

November 2008

  • Capitalism is bankrupt; socialism is the only answer
  • Cuba: World demands end to US blockade

Issue Number 5

October 2008

  • Venezuela, Bolivia: US coup plots exposed
  • Noam Chomsky on Georgia conflict: A new Cold War?

Issue Number 4

September 2008

  • Obama means more war
  • Venezuela's revolution: Western media lies exposed

Issue Number 3

August 2008

  • Hugo Chaves: Cuba and Venezuela are one revolution
  • Global warming crisis: Labor proposes cash handouts to worst polluters

Issue Number 2

July 2008

  • New US Fourth Fleet threatens Venezuela's revolution
  • Stop climate change: Phase out coal exports!

Issue Number 1

June 2008

  • Global food crisis made in USA
  • Revolution in Venezuela: Workers celebrate big gains