Campaigns & Solidarity

Australian government persecutes refugees overseas

Direct Action, January 14, 2013

By Andrew Martin — The punitive conditions of the Australian government’s mandatory detention of refugees are well known around the country and even internationally. However, despite all the cruelty that the system imposes, it has not deterred refugees.

Activists meet in Barcelona for Palestine Solidarity Conference

By Nick Everett, in Barcelona — Five hundred participants, representing more than 50 solidarity organisations from across the Spanish state, attended the conference, “Yesterday South Africa, Today Palestine”, held here October 19-21.

ASIO’s persecution of refugees

By Andrew Martin — One of the main barriers for refugees seeking asylum and residency in Australia is ASIO’s security assessments. These are conducted on an arbitrary basis, with very little recourse for refugees to challenge decisions against them.

Art show exposes Agent Orange disaster

By John Percy — The Agent Orange Justice art exhibition held in Sydney August 7-11 has been hugely successful, contributing significantly to raising consciousness about this important but all too neglected issue.

Movies, musicals and meetings give momentum to coal seam gas campaign

By Tim Stewart — Movies, musicals, bush meetings and speaking tours continue to characterise the campaign against coal seam gas (CSG).

Defend Tamils threatened with deportation

Two deportations of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers have been averted at least temporarily, pending a High Court challenge to be heard in the new year. These were to be the first deportations of people who arrived by boat under the current Labor government.

Conference in solidarity with Cuba to meet in Cambodia

An important meeting in solidarity with revolutionary Cuba will be held in the Cambodian capital near the end of March. The Sixth Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of Solidarity with Cuba will take place here from March 22 to 25.