Australian News

'They cannot put out the fire of sovereignty'

Direct Action, January 26, 2013

By Jon Lamb — Last year marked an important turning point in the struggle of Aboriginal people for justice and sovereignty.

Australian government persecutes refugees overseas

Direct Action, January 14, 2013

By Andrew Martin — The punitive conditions of the Australian government’s mandatory detention of refugees are well known around the country and even internationally. However, despite all the cruelty that the system imposes, it has not deterred refugees.

Big Reclaim the Night march in Melbourne

Direct Action — October 23, 2012

By Jessica Lenehan and Jasmine Curcio — Between 6000 and 7000 people, an unprecedented number for Melbourne, took to the streets on October 20 for Reclaim the Night 2012.

ASIO’s persecution of refugees

By Andrew Martin — One of the main barriers for refugees seeking asylum and residency in Australia is ASIO’s security assessments. These are conducted on an arbitrary basis, with very little recourse for refugees to challenge decisions against them.

Condemn police assault on Muslim protesters - RSP statement

Against racism and Islamophobia and for the right to protest

The Revolutionary Socialist Party unreservedly condemns the New South Wales Police force for its September 14 assault on protesters who were peacefully demonstrating against a racist video attacking Islam.

New artist and activist hub in Melbourne

By Max Lane — Under the Hammer, a new activist space, has been operating in Coburg, on the edges of inner Melbourne, since July.

Consorting laws: an attack on civil liberties

The NSW government has passed “consorting” laws as part of a suite of “anti-bikie” laws in the Crimes Amendment (Consorting and Organised Crime) Bill. These laws have such a wide scope that they can be used to criminalise anyone.

NSW public sector cuts add to job losses

By Kerry Vernon — More than 10,000 public sector workers’ jobs have been cut across NSW. Those workers remaining are having their wages and conditions further attacked.

Art show exposes Agent Orange disaster

By John Percy — The Agent Orange Justice art exhibition held in Sydney August 7-11 has been hugely successful, contributing significantly to raising consciousness about this important but all too neglected issue.