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Cuban socialism and women's liberation – two revolutions entwined

The ongoing socialist revolution in Cuba is an inspiring example of what can be achieved for women’s rights when the capitalist agenda no longer dictates. From 1959, when the Cuba Revolution achieved political victory over the US-backed Batista dictatorship, women have both defeated preconceptions that they can’t be revolutionary leaders, and helped their country lead the world in the areas of feminism, environmental sustainability, political participation, health and education.

Indonesian rights groups call for truth about murder of Munir

In November 2004, Indonesia’s newly elected president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, pledged to bring to justice the murderers of Indonesia’s most prominent human rights activist, Munir Said Thalib. Yudhoyono called the killing a “test case for the nation” on “how much Indonesia has changed”. Six years later and one year into Yudhoyono’s second term, those who masterminded his murder remain free. Numerous other cases of past human rights violations remain unsolved. For many, Munir’s death represents one of the most obvious examples of the impunity enjoyed by human rights violators in Indonesia.

Cuba prepares for Communist Party congress

In November, Venezuela’s revolutionary socialist President Hugo Chavez visited the Cuban capital, Havana, to mark the 10th anniversary of the signing of the historic cooperation pact between Cuba and Venezuela, core of the pro-socialist Bolivarian Alliance for Our America, known by its Spanish acronym ALBA, and to review and strengthen economic and social cooperation between the two socialist revolutions.

Indian left takes steps towards realignment

Four fighting organisations of the Indian left - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, Communist Party Marxist (Punjab), Lal Nishan Party (Leninist) of Maharashtra and Left Coordination Committee (Kerala) - formed an All-India Left Coordination (AILC) through a joint convention held in New Delhi on August 11.

Celtic Tiger becomes the sick cat of Europe

On January 27, the lower house of the Irish Parliament approved by a vote of 81 to 76 legislation imposing savage austerity measures on working people. The Finance Bill 2011 was supported by the conservative Fianna Fail government of PM Brian Cowen as a condition for a €85 billion rescue package provided by the European Union and the Washington-based International Monetary Fund.

Asia Solidarity website: a gold mine of information on struggles

In the Indonesia News Digest 31, August 16-23 there are more than 70 news items covering a wide range of issues relating to struggles for social justice and full democracy in Indonesia. The items are listed under categories such as issues, actions, demos, protests, Aceh, West Papua, human rights & law, freedom of expression & press, politics & political parties, electoral commission & elections, environment & natural disasters, health & education, women & gender, graft & corruption, war on terror, ethnic & religious conflicts, Islam & religion, land disputes & evictions, legislation & parliament, armed forces & defence, judiciary & legal system, police & law enforcement, criminal justice & prison system as well as analysis & opinion.

From the Belly of the Beast: The Tucson assassinations

The US capitalist media are going all out to portray the political assassination of six people in Tucson, Arizona, and the attempted assassination and wounding of 13 others, on January 8, as merely the action of a psychotic individual. But the facts speak otherwise. The assassin, Jared Loughner, planned his attack well in advance. He was a well-trained and accurate gunman, as is evidenced by the fact that he was able to hit 19 people in rapid fire of some 30 rounds in a situation of great confusion.

Indonesia: where do we go from here?

We undertake united front work because it is a principal tactic with which to bring broader layers of the poor majority into the movement challenging the power of the ruling class. It is a tool to bring together and mobilise different forces and build consciousness on a common platform of struggle. For revolutionary forces, it is also an arena to propagate the strategic aims of socialism through overthrowing pro-capitalist and imperialist governments and their state and establishing a government of the working class and the poor.

US aggression continues against North Korea

The North Korean military’s artillery-fire upon the disputed territory of Yeonpyeong Island last November was the latest response to an unceasing campaign of provocations by the US military and its South Korean ally. The Yeonpyeong incident resulted in at least four fatalities. The pretext for the clash was the decision by the US-backed South Korean regime to engage in provocative military exercises close to disputed territory in the Yellow Sea.

School puts together the pieces of world problems

A range of interesting topics was discussed in the Second Asian Global Justice School, organised by International Institute for Research and Education in Manila for three weeks in August. Representing the Political Committee of the Poor-People’s Democratic Party in Indonesia, I attended the school with 10 others from Taiwan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan and Pakistan.