Theory & History

My Life

By Fidel Castro.
Edited by Ignacio Ramonet.
Translated by Andrew Hurley.
Penguin (UK), 2007. 724 pp (hb). RRP (Australia) $59.95.

Reviewed by Allen Myers

30 years after Chile coup: Revolution in Venezuela

By Jorge Jorquera
10 September 2003

My only vivid childhood memories are from Chile in September 1973 — the gunfire, the burning of documents and the waiting. Like thousands of Chilean workers, my father did not return home from work on the afternoon of September 11. In his factory, like in hundreds of workplaces, the workers debated what to do. His factory had ample supplies of petrol and some workers argued to use this in an attempt to engage in armed battle with the tanks and soldiers invading the streets of Santiago.

Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism

Introduction by Doug Lorimer
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I. Lenin's aims in writing this work