In their own words

The optimist

“If you print enough money, you can create inflation.” — Kenneth S. Rogoff, a former IMF chief economist, on trying to prevent deflation and economic stagnation.

The realist

“The undercurrent in the market is one of absolute terror.” — a US stockmarket “veteran trader”, quoted in the November 21 Wall Street Journal.

The decider

“I’m a market-oriented guy, but not when I’m faced with the prospect of a global meltdown.” — Dubya.

An awakening?

“In the wake of the financial crisis, voices from the left and the right are equating the free enterprise system with greed, exploitation and failure.” — Dubya again.

The system is perfect, only the operators aren’t

“It is true that this crisis included failures — by lenders and borrowers, by financial firms, by governments and independent regulators. But the crisis was not a failure of the free market system.” — you guessed it: Dubya again.


“When emissions trading comes in, every tonne of carbon dioxide saved by households simply frees up a tonne that can be used by industry.” — Richard Denniss, executive director of the Australia Institute, on the Rudd government’s carbon trading scheme.

Democracy for chooks

“We need to ensure each bird has access to an open range, but it’s a chicken’s freedom of choice.” — James Kellaway, managing director of the Australian Egg Corporation, responding to charges by Choice that the corporation certifies as “free range” chickens confined in barns so large that they can’t find their way to the open door.