Revolution in the 21st century

The Revolutionary Socialist Party held its second national congress in December. The congress, held in Sydney, mapped out ambitious plans for the party’s campaign work and work to popularise the ideas of socialism and Marxism.

While there was robust debate about how to win an audience for revolutionary politics, the congress was unanimous in its agreement about the openings and potential for building a revolutionary party today.

The congress affirmed the party’s orientation to building solidarity with existing socialist revolutions, in Cuba, Venezuela and Vietnam. It also affirmed the priority of the party’s anti-imperialist and anti-racism campaign work.

A “Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism” multimedia night was held as part of the congress,  highlighting the work of the RSP in the previous 12 months - featuring the federal election campaign and movements and activities the party has helped to organise and lead including the boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) campaign against apartheid Israel, the abortion rights movement in Queensland and the July youth brigade to Venezuela and Cuba.

The congress launched the annual fund appeal for Direct Action, with contributions of $7860 already pledged for the $15,000 fund.

Along with affirming Direct Action as central to popularising socialist ideas, the congress made ambitious projections for a series of Marxist lectures across the country, which will build toward two Marxist education conferences to be held in June (in Brisbane) and December (in Melbourne).

The June Marxist education conference, Revolution and Internationalism in the 21st Century, will feature international guests including US Marxist Barry Sheppard, who will speak to the conference about the impact of the capitalist crisis and the growing class polarisation in the US today and Michael Prysner, a founding member of the US anti-war veterans group, March Forward. For details see the Revolution and Internationalism in the 21st Century conference website.