Looting and capitalist hypocrisy

There is nothing more miserable than working people stealing from other working people at any time, but when people are devastated by a natural disaster, it is an act even more worthy of hateful scorn.

There is no excusing such rottenness, but there is nothing more hypocritical than capitalist politicians and corporate media barons condemning looting. They loot much more than a few valuables from working people every day. They destroy people’s lives and livelihoods without blinking. They do so wilfully for the benefit of the rich - those who need for absolutely nothing.

It is their political and economic system that smashes working people so hard that some see no choice but to turn their backs on humanity. It is a system that creates immense human misery, so of course it is going to create some miserable people.

How dare the capitalist politicians condemn such behaviour as if they had no part in it! How dare they parade their sorrow and weep about human misery and suffering! They don’t care any other day. They don’t care unless they are going to gain something politically. Just wait: the politicians will all use their weeping moments in their next election campaigns. It’s all for show. Capitalists and their politicians don’t care about working people. They care only about their political careers and their looted profits.