In their own words

McDonald’s School of Nutrition? BP Environmental Sciences?

“Many years ago, working with industry was not the done thing; now everyone is doing it.” — University of NSW vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer, announcing that the university will give naming rights of schools or faculties to big donors.

No one with power

“We’re seeing a fundamental breakdown in the system, because no one cared that much about getting things right.” — US member of Congress Alan Grayson on the foreclosure scandal.

Pay now, hope for it some day

“Ultimately you have got to pay for democracy.” — Federal opposition spokesperson Joe Hockey, defending parliamentary perks that will total $373 million this financial year.

Which is?

“They look forward to getting back to doing what they were trained to do.” — Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers on five police returned to their “elite” unit after being suspended over a drunken nude run in a public street.

Check it out

“We will have to see whether we are allies or enemies.” — Pakistani interior minister Rehman Malik on relations with the US after a US air attack against “Islamic militants” killed three Pakistani soldiers.

US manufacturing boom

“They tried to manufacture foreclosures the way you’d manufacture cars, on an assembly line.” — A US lawyer defending borrowers whose homes have been foreclosed by banks using illegal methods, which included avoiding court proceedings by having executives sign affidavits saying they had “personal knowledge” of the debt. Some executives signed 10,000 such affidavits per month.