In their own words


“It’s the sort of radical proposal that often comes up in these sort of reports that goes too far.” — John Brogden, chief executive of the finance industry’s lobby group, on the Cooper review’s proposal that the finance industry should take less of our superannuation.


“‘What I am interested in is a good outcome and working constructively with the superannuation industry to achieve it.” — Chris Bowen, federal minister for superannuation, immediately reassuring the finance industry that nothing will be pushed if money objects to it.

But not for lack of trying

“A Labor government can never win a race to the right.” — A “senior Labor source”, quoted in the July 7 Sydney Morning Herald on the federal government’s refugee policy.

Optimists all

“The G-20 declaration ... amounts to saying ‘assume a miracle’ for global growth.” — Ronald A. Kurtz, professor of global economics and management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commenting on the G-20 summit in Toronto.

Good illusions

“While the illusion of progress is good, I don’t see real action to alter the imbalances that brought us to this crisis.” — Professor Raghuram G. Rajan of the University of Chicago, former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, on the G-20 summit.


“I am not ashamed to say that I take Bob Hawke as a role model.” — Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

He’s still searching for it

“Bob Hawke has never spurned the admiration of the Australian people.” — Julia Gillard again.