Rudd announces election campaign against Gillard

The Revolutionary Socialist Party will be running Van Rudd against Julia Gillard in the Melbourne seat of Lalor for the next federal election. Van Rudd’s campaign will take a stand against the failure of both state and federal governments to defend Indian students against racist attacks.

Many young and working people in this country are fed up with Labor and Liberal, and the parliamentary system that guarantees the privileges of the corporate rich and perpetuates social inequality and discrimination. The Revolutionary Socialist Party believes that we need to bring working people of all colours together in solidarity and unite against social injustice and prejudice. The RSP advocates:

  • Opposition to all attempts by governments and the corporate media to blame refugees and migrants for growing economic and social problems. Problems such as unemployment and rising housing and living costs are caused by corporations and government policies that put company profits before all else, not by new arrivals.
  • Calls for Australia to open its borders and build bridges not gates between the people of all nations. We have a responsibility to help the poor nations of the world, especially so when Australia participates in wars that devastate these nations.
  • Opposition to the federal government’s attacks on Aboriginal communities and their land rights, which seek to guarantee mining company profits above the welfare and democratic rights of the indigenous people of Australia.

The Revolutionary Socialist Party stands for fundamental social change. We consider that the problems of inequality, discrimination and ecological destruction, can only be addressed by making fundamental changes to the way the Australian and global economies are organised. Most importantly, decision making has to be put in the hands of ordinary working people and taken away from the corporate rich who presently control the economy and governments.

Venezuela’s 21st century socialism provides an example of how this can be done and how it can benefit the great majority of people — who have nothing to gain from the growing wealth of a shrinking number of super wealthy international corporations. This includes the Australian corporations that try to convince us to “buy Australian” and make them wealthier. The Revolutionary Socialist Party believe that working people must unite and fight to build their own movements and organisations and construct this radically different form of government and society — a socialism of the 21st century.

Against racism! For solidarity between all working people, of all nations!
Working people keep the country running, working people should run the country!
Support Van Rudd against Julia Gillard and the policies of the Labor government.
For further information contact: Jorge Jorquera (0435 519 198) or Van Rudd (0430 397 074) or visit the Revolutionary Socialist Party website.