Queensland: Drop the abortion charges! Repeal all anti-abortion laws!

Early in April, a Cairns couple was charged under the anti-abortion provisions in the Queensland criminal code. A 19-year-old woman faces seven years imprisonment for allegedly illegally terminating a pregnancy while her 21-year-old partner faces three years imprisonment for providing the abortion drug allegedly used for the termination. These charges are bought under laws that should not even exist. Premier Anna Bligh has told the media that the charges are related to the importation of the abortion drug, but if this were the case, why have the couple been charged under the anti-abortion laws? Bligh can’t speak the truth because these charges are indefensible. Abortion should not be a crime.

Join the campaign! Drop the charges! Repeal all anti-abortion laws!
Contact the Pro Choice Action Collective, Brisbane at prochoiceaction@gmail.com, or phone 0400 720 757 (Kathy).