Climate change and bushfires

I write in response to recent letters in the daily papers about fuel loads and control burning. These are only one small element of confronting the threat of firestorms. They are by themselves though not a lasting solution to the dry and hot climatic conditions we are experiencing and do not address the real problems we are facing.

If there is not swift action by councils, the state and federal governments to tackle the real causes of these devastating droughts and firestorms in southeastern Australia, environmental degradation and rapid climate change, then we will continue to suffer from these disasters. And the consequences of inaction on real solutions will see the intensification and expansion of the problems for which no part of Australia will be immune. This is a national problem that requires national and global solutions, not half measures and backyard remedies.

While the actions of individuals are to be encouraged and often do make a difference in many situations, local actions by themselves are not enough in this situation. If councils and governments do not act resolutely and urgently, it will be their inaction that in reality will make peoples lives more dangerous.

Steven Katsineris,
Hurstbridge, Vic