New Asia-Pacific solidarity website launched

By Doug Lorimer

On May 17 the Asia Pacific Solidarity Network (APSN) launched its new website of the same name. Based on its predecessors — Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) and Action in Solidity with Asia and the Pacific (ASAP) websites — as well as providing regular news updates and analysis on the people’s struggles in the Asia-Pacific region, the new site has more than 10 years of archived articles, background reports, statements and press releases on Aceh, East Timor, Indonesia and West Papua.

In addition to material from English-language news sources, the site also carries an extensive range of translations from Indonesian grass roots organisations, trade unions, progressive political parties, women’s organisations, NGOs and environmental groups.

Max Lane, a long-time Indonesia researcher and author of the recently published book Indonesia: An Unfinished Nation — who will be making regular contributions to the site — told Direct Action that the APSN site will be an “invaluable source of information and resource material for Australian activists to support the movements for social justice, genuine democratisation and self-determination” around the Asia-Pacific region.

“Particularly in Indonesia at the moment”, Lane said, “mass resistance to neoliberalism, now being sharpened by food shortages and rising prices, is stimulating a new process of unity between the previously fragmented left and progressive forces in the country. The APSN website will provide the information that solidarity activists need to be able to understand and relate to these new developments.”

Visit the APSN website at Asia Pacific Solidarity Network. To keep up to date on what’s happening inside Indonesia, subscribe free to APSN’s Indoleft news service by sending an email to